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15. 4 + 4 = EGG – the Egg of Life’s Geometry

Number 4 evokes the apparent solidity of matter. We speak of four seasons, four directions, etc. While Nature seems to respond to the order of 4, so does consciousness. The Buddha’s Four Noble Truths encapsulate the entire Buddhist path. And it makes me wonder… Would the Buddha speak the Four Noble Truths differently if he …

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14. Prepare to DIE!

I think I have time, but time is just an interpretation that resulted from centuries of experiences. Time is how I measure my perception of change (i.e.; of death). Time doesn’t exist: only eternity does! Time is a mental construct. Eternity is reality. It is “God” – undecipherable, non conceptualizable. And this is the paradox, isn’t it? What was there before the beginning? What is there after the end? Well, how good can I get at imagining no boundaries?

What is real? WHY am I here? Does life have a meaning? Is there life after death?

My ego loooves staying in the question… While I may hear “life has no meaning; it just is,” how do I stop judging the slices of life that come to me? I begin by seeing that life is not the opposite of death: birth is! I continue by opening to the possibility that each birth (each day, each moment) has a meaning. It is a training ground in detaching, changing and dying to who I think I am.

When the “I am the body” thought leaves me, I know that I am not that which is dying, and have no need to attach to an outcome. What is is… I smile, as I remember that life has no meaning, and that it is in dying that I am reborn to eternal life… I smile as I live it, feeling in my blood that love is indeed stronger than death!

Map to Infinity

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13. The Alphabet of Health

The older the body becomes, the more I seem to pray for health. Experiments in quantum physics have shown what consciousness does, and changed the way we think about our body and our mind, and thus about what health is. To have a sane mind in a sane body, I must start by letting go of my toxic / talk-sick thoughts. Doing so leads me to Health with a big “H;” Health in the way I treat my body, Health in the way I do relationships, money, life…

Consider: when I seek to detoxify the body, I target the poisons that affect and limit cellular functions. The Buddha identified the mental poisons of ignorance, greed, and aversion as the source of all dis-eases. The Book of Genesis concurs, as its core articulations speak of the gradual poisoning of mind, while giving an antidote for each poison. Mirroring the way the Bible alphabetizes the stories of suffering, the Alphabet of Health makes it EZ for me to begin to see a global path (East to West) to the END of dissatisfaction, when I know that I am enough and that there is more…

Map to Infinity…
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11. Count your blessings, not your chickens!

When I realize that everything in the Universe is geometric, be it people, animals, planets, solar systems, stars, etc., I am motivated to measure my belief systems on a geometric scale. But which numerology system can I trust to be reliable enough? S/Hebrew is an ancient language that comes back from the future… Its letters …

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The Whole XPR Tool Kit and “Qaboodle”

Once upon a time, in a faraway “QKingdom,” a union was sanctified in between the Qabalists with a “Q” and the Kabbalists with a “K…” The merging was so sacred, it allowed for “the square, to square my actions, the compasses, to circumscribe and keep me within bounds with all mankind, and the alphabet to be ruler of the Earth…

Map to Infinity…

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QKabbalah at the Movies

The idea of QKabbalah at the Movies was born from the hypothesis that there is a language of nature – a meta-language – that transmits the ability to move in stillness via the wonder of its multimodal signs. When my mind is both still and in motion, I do not try to make creation happen. I let it happen. This meta-language is comprehensive and neutral as it speaks the voice of the collective unconscious. As such, it shows up in the most transformative works of art, since these also emanate from the unconscious. This language – which renamed itself “S/Hebrew” – is particularly audible and visible in movies, as movies are the medium and the message of movement. For me to pinpoint the QKabbalah in any movies, I’m yet to resonate with the gold of XPR… So for now, XPR chooses to relax and have fun, inviting me to meet the characters of this e-motion picture: it’s a B-Ginning or the first and the last, the PAIRfect Destiny of AT-CG or the DNA of archetypes, She Said, He Said or the right and wrong game…

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