17. The Genesis Movement

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This is a time for BIG questions, beginning with “are you willing to accept that World Peace is possible?” [Pause]. Are you also willing to believe that there is a perfect path to the END to the dissatisfaction, when you begin feeling the resonance of “enough,” whose frequency, alone, can restore all levels of Health (with a big “H”)?

Your answering “yes” just opened a way to see a unifying equation that can and does unite two big archetypal enemies (science & religion) and, by extension, the two sides of you (male & female). Once felt as the wisdom of conscience, this equation explains everything in the WORD that kept you and me from seeing One WORLD. The pattern emanates from life’s original matrix through a keyword whose geometry keeps on having fun, as it is exponentially fruitful and multiplying. This keyword “happens” to be the first word of the S/Hebrew Bible – a word that has many translations, one of them being “in the beginning” [God created the Heaven and the Earth] and the other…

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