10. WHY the TWIN Mission?

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BECAUSE there are two parts to my brain: a male side and a female side. These two are indoctrinated to fight each other: he said / she said… She attacks, he withdraws… What part of me wants to be “right?” To stop making the other sex the enemy, and thus be kind in our communication (Venus ↔ Mars), two missions joined forces to decipher a language soulful enough to reconcile the two great beasts: Science and Religion.

As above, so “belove!” When the odd couple of Science and Religion experiences marital bliss again, how can the two parts of me continue to fight? Impossible! A true story, which happens to be true for you and you and you… until there is no more “you” on whom to project “your” anger. Imagine all the people / I wonder if you can / no need for greed or hunger…

Map to Infinity…

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