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14. Prepare to DIE!

I think I have time, but time is just an interpretation that resulted from centuries of experiences. Time is how I measure my perception of change (i.e.; of death). Time doesn’t exist: only eternity does! Time is a mental construct. Eternity is reality. It is “God” – undecipherable, non conceptualizable. And this is the paradox, […]

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12. emPowering Mañana!

Unbeknownst to many (even to most Jews), the Divine Covenant invites four circumcisions (the phallus’ foreskin, the ears, the lips and the heart). This process therefore does not concern the body, but the mind! When in my split mind, I believe that I don’t have what it takes. Judged unworthy of the Sacred Fire, I

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11. Count your blessings, not your chickens!

When I realize that everything in the Universe is geometric, be it people, animals, planets, solar systems, stars, etc., I am motivated to measure my belief systems on a geometric scale. But which numerology system can I trust to be reliable enough? S/Hebrew is an ancient language that comes back from the future… Its letters

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6. Everything I Always Wanted to Know About Biblical Sex* (*But Was Afraid to Ask).

This is amazing to me: WHY would I forgo being in my pleasure, and invite discontent? I am the one who forbids certain desires, thereby granting them more appeal! And now, if I want to have my desire, I must go unconscious, be led into temptation, and end up feeling bad about the whole thing.

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5. WHY Can’t I be like a ThREE?

BECAUSE I don’t know how to embrace my Nature, which is to give it all! But what if I had the Wisdom of the ages at my fingertips? Truth is truth: just like there is a “Tree of Life” whose wheels are named chakras in Sanskrit, there is also a Tree of Life whose wheels

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4. Is Golden XPR For me?

First, I need to be sick and tired of being sick and tired of self-imposed limitations. Then I must be hungry for transcendence, for a sense of awe that stretches me toward something greater than myself. Also, be passionate about freedom, servant leadership, the work of transformation, authentic relating, and creativity. Welcome home! Map to

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