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Golden XPR’s course flow is traced by the Map to Infinity… The journey takes me through different stages of engagement: from PLAYING to SOLO to GROUP to ONE-ON-ONE and BEYOND… Each stage is a transformation, where I change the channel I am watching, and with it, the reality I am creating. For example, PLAYING plays on the inSPiRing channel, SOLO, on the eXPloRing channel, GROUP, on the eXPeRiencing channel…

There’s a fun way for me to see the map from above, and get a general idea of where this XPR thing (or my mind) is going – the Map to Infinity movie | here.

Golden XPR’s course follow a path whose treasures are numbered nine, moving me one step at the time, and one stage at the time, infinitely so. The motion / e-motion completes and begins again as I find that I am the treasure – I Am the One I was looking for!

Gentle warning: the ways of LOVE are mysterious. At any time of my XPR adventure (and no matter what channel I happen to be watching), I may discover the treasure and find that I am the One I was looking for…

  • PLAYING on the InSPiRing channel of Golden XPR:
    • 1-Opening to the “heART” of Golden XPR.
    • 2-Separating: the Genesis Pattern – Book 1 & 2.
    • 3-Changing: This Year – EZ to Digest. 
  • SOLO on the eXPloRing channel of Golden XPR:
    • 4-Resisting: Tweet tweeT
    • 5-PAIRfect: For the LOVE of Cain.
    • 7-Engaging: TABU – The Anarchist Book of Understanding. 
  • GROUP on the eXPeRiencing channel of Golden XPR:
    • 6-Desiring: the PaRaDiSe Circle. 
  • ONE-ON-One on the eXPiRing channel of Golden XPR:
    • 8-Ordering: Cracking the GR-Code.
    • 9-Completing: This Year in Jerusalem.
Map to Infinity…
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