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Back from the future

The XPR path is an ancient path that comes back from the future. It waited for the quantum age for its information to resonate as the languaging of light, and is now ready to take me on a journey via a sacred alphabet that has been in existence for at least 3500 years.

The XPR letters say it: they are the evolution in Roman script of a Hebrew root which forms the words Sappir for “light,” Mispar for “numbers,” Sippur for “story” or sounds, Sepher for “book” or letter, Sephirah for “sphere” (the equivalent of Sanskrit chakra). As such, XPR encompasses what consciousness does – to use the Word to create the World.

The simple question is: what will it take for me to not resist anything? By revealing the geometrical intention underlying the wondrous signs of the Torah, each XPR “book” allows me to trust in the aesthetic of order. Each step I take, I am conscious to be guided on a Map to Infinity, when I emPower the NOW. Working in polarity, physics to metaphysics, gives me the courage to tell the truth, and to be heard.

So yes, it is written: XPR lights a path for me to eXPloRe, eXPeRience and eXPiRe to my limitations, which frees me to eXPRess my true Self.

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Map to Infinity…

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