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Welcome! I am now on the eXPeRimenting channel of Golden XPR

Being all at once the science project known as enlightenment, the guinea pig and the laboratory in which I make experiments in consciousness, I require precise devices, especially those held in consciousness, to carry out a particular function.

If my work was to do ornamentation, as on wood, stone, or leather, I would need specific tools to do the job. It is the same with the Great Work, which makes me an artist of the soul. My craft is to shape reality via the words I use. I thus need tools to weigh them, focus them, and give me leverage in actualizing my potential. 

The Tools extend the practice of the XPR Formula: Understand. Choose Peace. emPower the NOW. The more I understand, the more I can be true to my Word. Eventually, I’ll move from basic, to intermediate, to advanced. I’ll become so real that I’ll just drop the tools, and allow me to be the way, the life, the truth…

  • These tools are designed as Games to allow the playful part of me to come out – a return to innocence and a sense of awe that stretches me toward something greater than myself. Each game is based on a theory for me to “understand and do,” until I moved beyond doubting me, and can just “do and understand.” The games demonstrate how the revealing of the Soul of the Torah (the QKabbalah) could only happen at the age of information, whose tweets, emails, texts speak as fluidly as the light of the soul does.
  • They are backed up by Movies – to learn about my craft (About XPR & Language), to discover that I am who I was looking for (About the XPR Path), or simply, to put my feet up and relax, when I’m brain dead (About XPR Having Fun).
Basic Tools

These tools are where I begin:

  • The Tool that SYNCS I can: this first tool helps me understand WHY I am doubting myself. From there on, I stand a better chance to clarify what I want and ask for it so clearly that I call it into being.
    Prerequisite: the Genesis Pattern Book 1. Cost: $1.

  • A Tarot to eXPiRe: this tool invites me on a journey through the felt sense of 22 tarots / Torah signs, for the me who wonders what my purpose and/or superpower are. It helps me with the BIG questions: what is real? Where am I going? What should I do?
    No prerequisite. Cost: $9.99.

  • The WHYS Game: this tool, which is used in our group presentations and/or for an initial one-on-one session, can also function as a guide for the student who favors working solo. This is where to ask real questions, and get real answers. It also will increase the quota of honesty in the world.  
    No prerequisite. Cost: 22.

Intermediate Tools 

These tools assist me to the intermediate level:

  • The Genesis Pattern – Book 2: this tool invites me to play with fire – the fire of my intuition. Do I wish to understand WHY be poor and sick, when I could choose Health? Indeed, what would change if I didn’t blame “you” for my failures, and were 100% accountable for my experience?
    Prerequisite: The Genesis Pattern – Book 1. Cost: $2.

  • The ThREE of Sapphires: this tool opens a level of response-ability, when I see WHY I’d postpone making a specific decision. I can now predict a pattern interrupt by using a divinatory tool of Sapphires that illuminates the unknown I fear, for me to be the change.
    Prerequisite: The Genesis Pattern Book 2. Cost for 24 hour access: $11.

  • So… I CAIN’T and you’re ABEL?: this tool asks and helps me answer a potent question about my emotional weather: WHY am I so angry and depressed? It invites me to meet an archetype that the collective unconscious alienated: Cain, the first human ever “born” and also the first murderer.
    Prerequisite: Tweet tweeT. Bundle Cost: $333 (bundled with the next tool – the LOVE Code).

  • The LOVE Code: this tool takes me deep into myself, to find out WHY is it so hard for me to speak an honest “yes” or an honest “no.” What am I protecting? The LOVE Code also develops an archetypal typology – the DREaM of LOVE – as the transmission of the most potent “God” Name of the Bible.
    Prerequisite: Tweet tweeT. Bundle Cost: $333 (bundled with So… I CAIN’T and you’re ABEL? tool).

Advanced Tools

These tools are the top floor and advanced level. They are for me who’s passionate about being real and fulfilling my destiny:

  • Victim of my GENESis: this tool helps me to grow up, and cut the umbilical cord that ties me to the past. It allows me to feel the REAL sense of my desires – WHY I have created “golems” or imperfect thought-forms. While they sounded like a good idea at the time, these entities have now made me their puppet. The tool makes what I call “the Devil” so sensible that I stop giving my Power away to others, close the wound, and encrypt a new destiny.
    Prerequisite: Tweet tweeT. Cost: $222.

  • The WHYS Bite: this tool leaps into the parallel worlds of the many Trees of (my) Life to clarify something I find highly disturbing: the idea of predestination. I can accept that the big events of my life; my country, my family, my career, would be “written,” but the call I just got: was that also planned? I don’t get it: if East and West are right in saying that whatever experience this body is to have was already decided at its birth, then what about my freedom and responsibility for what I say and do? But if I am free and responsible, then WHY am I so stressed out?
    Prerequisite: TABU. Cost: $99.  

  • The 7×7 Count: this tool enlivens a very ancient and sacred ritual via the magic of the digital age. It consists in 1) setting a goal, 2) clarifying the sacrifice I am willing to make to feel that I earned reaching my goal, 3) counting the “days” for 7 weeks, while reflecting each day on how 7 sins block the 7 corresponding virtues from spinning the 7 lower wheels of the Tree of (my) Life, 4) repeat the process until I have the Self-esteem to see that I AM the AIM. The magic of digital journaling and inquiry supports me splendidly in tracking my progress.
    Prerequisite: to be an active member of the PaRaDiSe Mystery School.

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