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When the letter “M” spellcasts Movies, Medium, Message, Movement…

The idea of QKabbalah at the Movies was born from the hypothesis that there is a language of nature – a metalanguage – that transmits the ability to move in stillness via the wonder of its multimodal signs. When my mind is both still and in motion, I do not try to make creation happen. I let it happen. This metalanguage is comprehensive and neutral as it speaks the voice of the collective unconscious. As such, it shows up in the most transformative works of art, since these also emanate from the unconscious. This language – which renamed itself “S/Hebrew” – is particularly audible and visible in movies, as movies are the medium and the message of movement. The more I befriend and play with XPR, the more I can pinpoint the QKabbalah and its symbolic Power in the movies (or anywhere)… For now, XPR chooses to relax and have fun, inviting me to meet the characters of this “e-motion” picture: it’s a B-Ginning, the PAIRfect Destiny of AT-CG, She Said, He Said and more to come..

Map to Infinity…

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