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These tools are the top floor and advanced level. They are for me who’s passionate about being real and fulfilling my destiny.
  • Victim of my GENESis: this tool helps me to grow up, and cut the umbilical cord that ties me to the past. It allows me to feel the REAL sense of my desires – WHY I have created “golems” or imperfect thought-forms. While they sounded like a good idea at the time, these entities have now made me their puppet. The tool makes what I call “the Devil” so sensible that I stop giving my Power away to others, close the wound, and encrypt a new destiny.
    Prerequisite: Tweet tweeT. Cost: $22.

  • The WHYS Bite: this tool leaps into the parallel worlds of the many Trees of (my) Life to clarify something I find highly disturbing: the idea of predestination. I can accept that the big events of my life; my country, my family, my career, would be “written,” but the call I just got: was that also planned? I don’t get it: if East and West are right in saying that whatever experience this body is to have was already decided at its birth, then what about my freedom and responsibility for what I say and do? But if I am free and responsible, then WHY am I so stressed out?
    Prerequisite: TABU. Cost: $99.  

  • The 7×7 Count: This tool enlivens a very ancient and sacred ritual via the magic of the digital age. It involves several steps: 1) setting a goal that comes with some level of self-development, 2) clarifying the sacrifice I am willing to make to feel that I earned seeing my goal, 3) counting the “days” for 7 weeks, while reflecting each day on how one of the 7 sins block one of the 7 corresponding virtues and prevent it from spinning one of the 7 lower wheels of the Tree of (my) Life, 4) repeating the process until I see that I AM the AIM. The magic of digital journaling and inquiry supports me splendidly in tracking my progress. 
    Prerequisite: to be an active member of the PaRaDiSe Mystery School.

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