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I think I have time, but time is just an interpretation that resulted from centuries of experiences. Time is how I measure my perception of change (i.e.; of death). Time doesn’t exist: only eternity does! Time is a mental construct. Eternity is reality. It is “God” – undecipherable, non conceptualizable. And this is the paradox, isn’t it? What was there before the beginning? What is there after the end? Well, how good can I get at imagining no boundaries?

What is real? WHY am I here? Does life have a meaning? Is there life after death?

My ego loooves staying in the question… While I may hear “life has no meaning; it just is,” how do I stop judging the slices of life that come to me? I begin by seeing that life is not the opposite of death: birth is! I continue by opening to the possibility that each birth (each day, each moment) has a meaning. It is a training ground in detaching, changing and dying to who I think I am.

When the “I am the body” thought leaves me, I know that I am not that which is dying, and have no need to attach to an outcome. What is is… I smile, as I remember that life has no meaning, and that it is in dying that I am reborn to eternal life… I smile as I live it, feeling in my blood that love is indeed stronger than death!

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