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These tools assist me to the next level:
  • The Genesis Pattern – Book 2: this tool invites me to play with fire – the fire of my intuition. Do I wish to understand WHY be poor and sick, when I could choose Health? Indeed, what would change if I didn’t blame “you” for my failures, and were 100% accountable for my experience?
    Prerequisite: The Genesis Pattern – Book 1. Cost: $2

  • The ThREE of Sapphires: this tool opens a level of response-ability, when I see WHY I’d postpone making a specific decision. I can now predict a pattern interrupt by using a divinatory tool of Sapphires that illuminates the unknown I fear, for me to be the change.
    Prerequisite: The Genesis Pattern Book 2. Cost for 24 hour access: $11.

  • So… I CAIN’T and you’re ABEL?: this tool asks and helps me answer a potent question about my emotional weather: WHY am I so angry and depressed? It invites me to meet an archetype that the collective unconscious alienated: Cain, the first human ever “born” and also the first murderer.
    Prerequisite: Tweet tweeT. Bundle Cost: $333 (bundled with the next tool – The LOVE Code).

  • The LOVE Code: this tool takes me deep into myself, to find out WHY is it so hard for me to speak an honest “yes” or an honest “no?” What am I protecting? The LOVE Code also develops an archetypal typology – the DREaM of LOVE – as the transmission of the most potent “God” Name of the Bible.  
    Prerequisite: Tweet tweeT. Bundle Cost: $333 (bundled with So… I CAIN’T and you’re ABEL? tool).

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