Welcome! I am now in the inSPiRing channel of Golden XPR…

Playing is the opportunity to be introduced to the style of the emPowering NOW movement, have a taste or two of the XPR manna, and see if this kind of soul food agrees with me.

These offerings are written in the “I” perspective, so as to invite the two parts of me to participate – the part that knows what to do, and the part that doesn’t want to do it.

Their questions have one goal only: for the two parts of me to know each other, and find a common ground. To have my head more in the game, I’m invited to first check out the movie below called the Power of WHYS (button below). This movie gives the tone to the Mystery (and of our PaRaDiSe Mystery School) by asking WHY, starting with a most potent WHY: WHY am I resisting to be emPowered? POWER is like money… How curious that I’d resist inquiring on the FORCE that moves me to waste it or give it away…

The Playing offerings will cost me from $1 to $3, and can be found below.

To help me decide, I can assess how true the following statement is for me: investing in anything (a home, going to Paris, the latest electronic gadget) is not about much money and/or time I have available or how much it costs, but about whether or not I wholeheartedly want it.

Playing with Golden XPR – Courses
Upcoming Free Group Calls

Want to dip your toe into the waters of Golden XPR?  You are invited to join us at one of our upcoming free group calls (schedule / signup below).  Bring an open mind an your questions. We will be using Golden XPR Game to guide our conversation.

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