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Am I a visionary and/or leader desiring to actualize my potential?

Golden XPR courses, materials and services are designed to meet me where I am on the “QKabbalah” path, from novice to master (and beyond). To begin interacting with XPR, I may click here. This will lead me to discovering the Gold of XPR, an introduction designed as a game. If so inclined, I will also have the option to schedule to attend one of the free online intro calls.

What would change if I restored and developed my multisensory capacity?

Sentience – the capacity to feel and sense – is the transcendental quality of ALL things, calling for respect and care. It is how that which understands has an understanding of “God.” Developing sentience (and being a multisensory being again) starts in the Sense of Enough. This sense is the deliverable of the path of Golden XPR, as it is the ultimate QKabbalah – the “receiving” of receivings…

When I know that I am enough, I have the self-esteem to transcend my fears (and along with it, any illusion of separation). I enjoy the play of pure action, as I allow creation to be done through me and not by me. Therein is the secret to persevering until my heart’s desire is made manifest. I may begin playing with these ideas here.

Will I choose to be emPowered?

The will to Power is the big question, isn’t it? And it makes me wonder: how many heroic movies will I need to watch before knowing that I am called, and that I choose to answer the call (which is a super brave thing to do)? Carl Jung spoke of the 22 tarots as 22 stages of a developmental path to Self-realization. This journey of the hero/heroine is not for the faint of heart. There will be potent challenges on the way, not unlike those pictured on the screen… However, knowing that there is a map that traces a futuristic path helps me to accept an ancient Noble Truth: “there is a path to THE END of dissatisfaction.” I may check out the online tarot app – the eXPiRe Tarot via the button below or by clicking here.

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