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The Code of Opposites Q&A

Where can I pick up a copy of The Code of Opposites-Book 1?

To pick up your copy of The Code of Opposites, visit the book site: here

Where can I find the media kit for The Code of Opposites?

View the media kit for The Code of Opposites here 

Web Site FAQ

I do not remember my password? How do I reset it?

Navigate to “My Account” or click | here

Click the “Lost my password” link on that page.

Follow the instructions to reset your password.

As a coaching client of the PaRaDiSe Mystery School, where do I find the pre-session integrity log and the online scheduler to book a full session or a laser session with my XPR Advisor?

  • Log into Golden XPR website with proper username and password | here
  • Under My Courses, navigate to “Welcome to our Mystery School” course | here (If you do not see it on the top of the page, press the “View All My Courses” button to see the course).
  • Once logged in you will find what you are looking for on the Welcome to our Mystery School welcome page, including buttons to:
    • Schedule a full session (click the button and follow the instructions for setting time zone, etc.)
    • Schedule a laser session (click the button and follow the instructions for setting time zone, etc.)
    • Access the online integrity log (filled out & submitted prior to session).

When I click “View Post” link from a system generated email to view my XPR Advisor’s eCap, a web page comes up which says “This page does not seem to exist.” What is the solution?

Answer: this is a known issue with WordPress and is caused by “client side browser cache” needing to be cleared. Even if you have already cleared your browser cache, the issue sometimes repeats. Not to worry, your eCap and private notifications are securely saved by the system. To access them, the solution to this is simple. 

  • First, Log into your XPR dashboard with your username and password as usual (here): 

After logging in, you can always find your past private posts between you and your XPR Advisor (along with other system generated notifications) by going to:

The above link will bring you to your personalized XPR Notifications page which include specific entries for each private posts exchanged between you and your XPR Advisor. 

We recommend that you bookmark the above links for your future reference. 


Billing FAQ

How do I update the billing method or credit card that I used for the monthly billing of my membership?

If you would like to update you payment method:

  1. Login go   with your username and password
  2. Navigate to My XPR Dashboard:
  3.  Click on order history to find the recurring billing for your membership:  (left menu)
  4. Once you locate the order, Click view (yellow button)
  5. Follow the instructions to update your payment method

Thank you!!!

emPowering NOW LLC

About XPR – FAQ

Who are the Golden XPR Advisors?

Mahalene Louis.

My name is Mahalene Louis, Maha for short.
I am a motivational listener with a hearing loss (I kid you not!).

My body was born in France, and my soul, in the USA. It is indeed when I came to America that I realized the existence of parallel worlds. Certainly, arriving in NYC without speaking a word of English was enough a cultural shock to open new dimensions!

While learning English as quickly as possible (my studies were in ancient languages), I switched from words to colors. Being a communicator at heart, I had to have a way to express myself; it was a non-negotiable! Well, I must’ve died and gone to heaven, because I soon witnessed an artistic gift that came way out of nowhere… The difference between the multi-modal worlds I visited while painting and my “normal” everyday life was so startling that I resolved to be truly an explorer, and to go beyond the final frontier: the mind. I wanted to know across board the same “big littleness” I knew while making art, when I was at once here (totally focused) and not here (no judgment).

Being as destructive as I was creative, my life (and certainly this of my body) depended on my ability to suspend judgment and surrender to something greater. I ached to be at once “here and not here…” I wanted to extend what I felt while painting to the way I did money, to the way I ate, to how I made friends; to everything! This prayer for what I see as humility is how I ended up in a little synagogue, praying: “you got me, God! But if you want to continue using me to express beauty, you better do something about my crazies!”

This is when I was reminded of [the genes of] my parents, which I had done all I could to distance (short of going to the moon). This is also when I remembered that words were the sacred and magical place I would go to as a child… I heard again this little 5-year old version of me announcing that she would write a Hebrew-based book that would create world peace… But the biggest memory was when the door of the QKabbalah flew wide open, and when I “received” my new Art commission: to decode the Soul of the Torah as a metalanguage. “Do that,” said the still small voice, “and you will heal your mind!”

At first I was stunned: “Is this a joke, God?” And then I became angry: “WHY don’t you send someone else, like a rabbi or, at the least, someone who has their act together? Don’t you know that, if it weren’t for family, food, sex and money, I’d do great on Earth?”

I was yet to understand an important distinction: the work was not to be done by me, but through me! Followed a process I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to… Years of questioning my sanity, decades of what seemed like an interminable wax on wax off process, opening one art show after another, writing and illustrating an obscene amount of books (thanks, God, for big hard drives!). Parallel to a prolific creativity, I was eventually guided to become a coach, which definitely raised the ante… As an artiste, I was in role if acting outrageously: it came with the job’s description! As for being a guide, this came an entirely new set of ethics… Was I the change I was advising? And if I couldn’t be that, who was I fooling?

Indeed, what I was attempting to lose brought me to my knees… Most painful was the doubt compelling me to hopelessly seek “your” approval: “I got it, I got it: do you believe me now? Do you love me now?” [Pause]

And the day did come when there was nothing left but the strange readiness to give it all. This is when the voice of Golden XPR took over and when IT, I and WE (thank you, Michael; thank you, World) became real.

So yes! It is the willingness to fail and fail and fail and fall again (what a fool!), as I would navigate through the meanders of “my” insane resistance to LOVE that made me a motivational listener with a hearing loss! Yielding and feeling the intense passion that moves through me broke me open to receiving the biggest gift of all: to Rest In Peace, and find in my sanctuary that I have a voice, and, even better, that I am the Voice, as there is only One of us; One Voice, One Mind – a Oneness which is divinely “enough!”

Michael T. Wolf:

My name is Michael Wolf.
I am the CEO and co-founder of emPowering NOW LLC.

I know that the key to making sound decisions and modeling courage is to inquire within, deeply enough to understand myself and therefore sustain inner peace. The decision to prioritize Self-knowledge – (which is really THE Decision) leads to the wisdom of discernment. I could see the link: without peace, no wholesome Power. Without wholesome Power, no global transformation or sustainability… bottom line: bummer!

My passion is and always was in communication and in business… In high school, I was known to enjoy engaging in debates, and doing a fair job at it… I then chose to study Business Administration in Marketing resulting in a Bachelors degree in this field from Texas A&M University.  In my adult life, I garnered 30 years of business experience working at some of the world’s largest and most innovative technology companies including Xerox, PTC, Vignette and most recently, IBM Security.

I enjoy technology, yet not for the sake of technology’s itself. To me selling software has been more about understanding complex issues, while building relationships with folks who care about solving those problems. I do enjoy orchestrating the complex enterprise sales process. So much so that I have been blessed to regularly receive recognition for 100% club and several times have been awarded the company’s most prestigious award, President’s Club.

On one such award trip (we were in 2002), I went through a “near death experience” in the midst of a massage in the Pacific Ocean. Although temporary, the event was unforgettable. I had never had such a weird and undeniably ecstatic experience, never opened to a blissful and visceral knowing of universal connectedness and unconditional love…

The question then became: how could I share this precious knowing with the world?  Soon followed by: how could I sustain this? I went through what any mystic does: the ups and downs of the “dark night of the soul…” I hit bottom more than once until I found that recovery involved a difficult divorce and as well, the renewed decision to know myself and embody wisdom… This was the only way I could be the change I wished to see, especially as I had three beautiful children I wanted to love, support and father  the best I could… I thus read book after book. I became a student of global religions… I dived into energy medicine and went through dozens of transformation modalities. However, while each offered very real benefits, they all seemed to wear off when the workshop was over.

While working with different healers (and with myself), I could hear from within “healer, heal thyself!” The advice was even more so potent as I found myself penniless and even in debt, while working on donation, using the different modalities I had learned to assist my clients. I soon realized that something else was needed…

To address this gap, I wrote a business plan for emPowering NOW LLC. It was an act of faith, aiming to clarify my thoughts about doing just that – offering products, training and services to empower the NOW, sustainably. To succeed, the business vision required a rock-solid curriculum which could assist in leading anyone who sincerely wanted it to the “Promised Land” of the Eternal Now.

This is when Maha and I met: she was looking for a partner educated in business, information technologies and healing modalities, someone who could join her in bringing forth a project of global scope. I was looking for Maha’s lifework, dedicated to receiving the body of material that would become known as Golden XPR – a global path to transition from greed into grace and sustain the sense of enough.

I eventually realized that Maha’s lifework came with Maha, a being so diametrically opposed to me in every way that the relating could only be “PAIRfectly” surreal… Just right here, I would never have believed I would one day use the word “PAIRfectly” and feel the anger transform into laughter!

What are the FOUR Forces?

The Four Noble Truths comprise the essence of Buddha’s teachings: they are the truths of suffering, of the cause of suffering, of the end of suffering and of the path that leads to the end of suffering. Life is also violence, especially through the accrued devastation and chaotic speed of the 21st century.

Imagining that the Buddha witnessed the accrued devastation and chaotic speed of the 21st century, he might say…

  1. The Force of Violence: I forget how shockingly violent Nature is, how thousands of children die daily or how one black hole feeds on millions of stars! Yet of all dangers, the feminine is undoubtedly the most formidable of the forces of matter.
  2. The Force of the Truth of Violence: I add to the daily quota of violence by resisting feeling my pain, a judgment which I project onto you. As long as I can attempt to correct what I perceive is your problem, I don’t have to feel and/or to heal.
  3. The Force of the Cause of Violence: thinking that I am the body, I attach to an outcome which I try to make happen. The result of my GReed for Power is to turn the desire body into a voracious beast that can get NO satisfaction.
  4. The Force of the END of Violence: there is only One path to liberation: my path! What matters is for me to persevere to ITS end – to the END of Desire, when THE UnderStanding of the One of US wakes me up from the dream of separation.

What are the FOUR Motions?

The FOUR Motions challenge the bad wrap of ambition, since Self-knowledge, a.k.a. as the “Kingdom of God,” may just be the most ambitious destination:

The Motion of FULL Response-ability – when I don’t have what I say I want, there is a voice in me I don’t hear. Wisdom is received as I give a full listening to both the voice of separatedness and the voice of connectedness. Hearing and understanding the conflict gives me my results.

The Motion of Compassionate Partnering – the more I am responsible for what I communicate, the more I welcome misuses of Power as genuine opportunities to let go of my attachment to the story. When such a lapse occurs, I recognize it and keep on inviting it until it lets go of me.

The Motion of Oneness – believing that we are One is a start. Sustaining THE UnderStanding that there is only one of US is life’s ultimate goal. The more I progress, the more I do good and do no harm. I begin to tell the truth and stop calculating for my own perceived advantage.

The Motion of Force and Power – all complaints stem from uninvestigated beliefs: body follows mind, as long there’s a mind to follow! When I awaken from the dream of “an out there,” I turn within to hear what LOVE wills, align to the Force and surprisingly find the Power to transform.

WHY the SIX Agreements?

Why are agreements necessary?

BECAUSE they keep me safe, while I dive into abysmal darkness for the pearl of consciousness…

Shadow work is not for the faint of heart as it is the dicey invitation to empty my cup (and even to break it) in order to QKabbalah “receive” Wisdom. The more I see in the darkness of my own deception, the more I come into the Power to choose Peace.

  1. Snake Beliefs: losing patience or Peace are signs that there’s a reptile or two hiding in my space. My resistance to exposing them will melt when my desire to know the Truth overcomes my fear to die to who I think I am.
  2. Assumptions: when I imagine that there may something off between us, I Clear Space with me by asking me what I wouldn’t want you to know.
  3. Shame Closet: when I request Confidentiality, I can trust that my request is heard, and that making it takes me one step closer to transparency.
  4. A-Void-Dance: when I try to numb out what I feel, I invite Presence by asking myself what it is that I don’t want to hear and/or SEE.
  5. Power Misuse: when I resorted to violence, I recognize that it was a Necessity. I also ask myself: WHY did I need to bully you or be bullied by you?
  6. U-Projections: when blinded by pain and unconsciously spewing “you” statements, I allow me to be as a child and to blame “you” until I can own my eXPeRience.

Note: the work is done when I can say a clear YES to “do I want to know the Truth?” The rest is commentary.

Also please refer to our terms & conditions and privacy policy | here

What is the Mission of Golden XPR?

The Mission of Golden XPR ™ is to reveal the order inherent in the chaos of knowledge. When I perceive that there is a universal code to hearing and seeing the soul of perennial truths, the visible and the invisible merge (I stop doubting), the hunger for LOVE is satiated (I have nothing left to lose), integrity is naturally embodied (I do no harm), and an enlightened civilization emerges (I love IT all).


What is the Mission of emPowering NOW?

The Mission of emPowering NOW LLC ™ is to test, experience, and bring forth Golden XPR as a path to transition from a world of GReed that splits Giving and Receiving by communicating fear, confusion and domination, to a world of GRace that unites Giving and Receiving by communicating wisdom, understanding and kindness.

WHY the Random Number generator?

The random number generator is a playful way to ask the “quantum field” for clear and direct information about what is important for me at this time. 

This tool works hand in hand with what Golden XPR calls “fractals,” a pattern that emanates from life’s original matrix keyed in the first word of the Hebrew Torah. Its six-based geometry keeps on having fun, as it is exponentially fruitful and multiplying. Just like a fractal in nature makes it possible to sense and comprehend the patterns of dynamically changing systems, the fractals of Golden XPR (the SIX-based colored tables) continue to rearrange their core matrix into self-similar configurations. This makes it possible for me to start understanding my own patterning, and thus know WHY I think I don’t have the Power to _____. 


a bit more from | here

What’s this fuss about true randomness?

Perhaps you have wondered how predictable machines like computers can generate randomness. In reality, most random numbers used in computer programs are pseudo-random, which means they are generated in a predictable fashion using a mathematical formula. This is fine for many purposes, but it may not be random in the way you expect if you’re used to dice rolls and lottery drawings.

RANDOM.ORG offers true random numbers to anyone on the Internet. The randomness comes from atmospheric noise, which for many purposes is better than the pseudo-random number algorithms typically used in computer programs. People use RANDOM.ORG for holding drawings, lotteries and sweepstakes, to drive online games, for scientific applications and for art and music. The service has existed since 1998 and was built by Dr Mads Haahr of the School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College, Dublin in Ireland. Today, RANDOM.ORG is operated by Randomness and Integrity Services Ltd.


WHY isn’t emPowering NOW LLC a Charity?

BECAUSE our mission is of a different nature. It is to heal our ideas about giving/receiving – especially money – by ushering a way to disengage from our materialistic perception of the world…  

emPowering NOW LLC went to the future to find a technology that would break the seals placed on ancient Wisdom. There was a golden age when money was a welcomed tool of exchange, and not the mark of how much Power and even potency we had. This was a time when offering a product and/or a service was equitable because it was held as equally valuable by the buyer and the seller. Our understanding of the One of us was such that any level of dishonesty was unthinkable.

Coins and bills, which were a good idea for the whole, were soon turned around by a few… We are now in the 3rd millennium… The economic strategy of promoting unlimited growth and increasing consumption is leading us to the brink of disaster. Hearing “less is more” is now so important that the meme morphed itself into “less is mores.” Feeling this connection is how the emPowering NOW team made the Sense of Enough the guiding principle of our life, the deliverable of our curriculum and the currency of our business.

More than a company, we are a movement that presents, implements and experiments with a bold, outrageous and provocative proposition: symbols are non-human sentient animals. They can help us mean what we say and say what we feel. In other words, their sentience can return us to our nature – honesty.  Honesty is how to transition, individually and collectively, from communicating a GReed that splits Giving and Receiving to communicating a GRace that unites Giving and Receiving.

WHY asking Why?

BECAUSE I am yet to feel and understand WHY I invented lying…

‘“WHY are you angry, Cain? WHY depressed?” Gen. 4:6 (the name Cain means “possessed by jealousy”).

Truth is I need no explanation or justification. I do what I do because that’s what I do. Such impeccability requires for me to be honest with myself and others (same). I give “you” my Power and start lying, when I fear that I may not get what I want or that I may lose what I have. Up to this moment, I wasn’t hiding behind a bunch of excuses. I was real and lived in the wholeness of Peace. But when I go into a protective mode, I seek to be right, with a vengeance. I am now moved by Cain’s anger: I judge, I accuse, I reproach and finally I kill with my projections “this (finger pointing out), this is EVIL!” Most often, it is the victim  in me who asks WHY is there evil? The question itself is deceptive, as I am not really interested in a Truth that would set me free, but more in blaming the “you-niverse!” My WHY is a defense rather than an inquiry, and an attack rather than an admission… If I am being dishonest, it’s because I believe that I am not enough to deal with what is real. So I bury myself in ignorance… I forget, I avoid, I repress and deny. I play stupid asking WHY simply because I don’t want to change.

Disclaimer: every WHY of Golden XPR is asked by a mind so virginal it only seeks to be immaculate in its conception.

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