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Welcome! I am in the eXPiRing channel of Golden XPR…

This saying, “follow the fear, for it will guide you to your soul,” is easier said than done. All sorts of fears visit me now, as this is when it becomes real… This is where I become real? All sorts of objections come to mind: the money, the time, is this for me?

Truth be told, doing shadow work is not for the faint of heart. Moreover, the Great Work, to die to who I think I am (and thus fulfill my potential), can hardly be done alone: I’m too good a trickster! When ready to ask for help and receive the guidance of someone who’s “been there done that” (dive deep enough into the abyss to harvest the gold of being), I am witnessed in feeling and sensing what I repress. This increases my honesty, as well as the quota of honesty in the world. Such realness leads me to the proverbial Peace beyond Understanding, the very Peace that is the ground of making sound judgments and emPowering the NOW.

These courses in “eXPiRing” are all inclusive, as they are the 9 steps of the Infinity Map. They combine self-paced solo materials with group classes and one-on-one XPR Advising.

The cost is determined by my sense of enough. To ensure that Golden XPR is honored as a sacred gift, emPowering NOW LLC invites me to decide deliberately on the nature of my investment in myself, by feeling the true value of my donation. This is the paradox of the “Sense of Enough:” on the one hand, my chosen number doesn’t put my finances in danger. On the other, it scares me, as it is a risk.

Am I ready for how Truth is going to change my life? 

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