Language is where my Power is. If I want to change, I must look at the story I tell.

Dropping the story is answering the question “who am I?” It is what is known as “the Great Work.” Yet how do I go about it? I could use a solid foundation, some road signs to guide me on the way, and an idea of what others have found at the end of the road. These movies are exactly that: a foundation, some road signs, and an END vision to inspire courage in me…

I open with the Power of WHYS – and understand.
I change with the XPR Formula – and Choose Peace.
I complete with Prepare to DIE! – and emPower the NOW.

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2. Oh No! WHY The Bible?

Oh Yes! The root of the world’s dividedness is found in the current misinterpretation of the religious texts. It is utterly poignant that institutions would …
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3. The XPR Formula

Is there a quality that is the Mother of ALL qualities? Ask and you shall “QKabbalah.” It is sentience, the capacity to feel and sense. …
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12. emPowering Mañana!

Unbeknownst to many (even to most Jews), the Divine Covenant invites four circumcisions (the phallus’ foreskin, the ears, the lips and the heart). This process …
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14. Prepare to DIE!

I think I have time, but time is just an interpretation that resulted from centuries of experiences. Time is how I measure my perception of …
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16. Boundaries

To speak or not to speak is indeed the boundary question… My “errors” will eventually lead me to realize that behind every violated boundary lurks …
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18. The Physics of Belief

Ancient alchemists worked with the principle “as above, so below; as within, so without…” They also worked with Hebrew (even though they were not Jewish) …
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