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18. The Physics of Belief

Ancient alchemists worked with the principle “as above, so below; as within, so without…” They also worked with Hebrew (even though they were not Jewish) to understand the physics of belief and the alchemy of the soul. While the law as “as above, so below” was lost to classical sciences, it was revived by quantum […]

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17. The Genesis Movement

This is a time for BIG questions, beginning with “are you willing to accept that World Peace is possible?” [Pause]. Are you also willing to believe that there is a perfect path to the END to the dissatisfaction, when you begin feeling the resonance of “enough,” whose frequency, alone, can restore all levels of Health

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15. 4 + 4 = EGG – the Egg of Life’s Geometry

Number 4 evokes the apparent solidity of matter. We speak of four seasons, four directions, etc. While Nature seems to respond to the order of 4, so does consciousness. The Buddha’s Four Noble Truths encapsulate the entire Buddhist path. And it makes me wonder… Would the Buddha speak the Four Noble Truths differently if he

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11. Count your blessings, not your chickens!

When I realize that everything in the Universe is geometric, be it people, animals, planets, solar systems, stars, etc., I am motivated to measure my belief systems on a geometric scale. But which numerology system can I trust to be reliable enough? S/Hebrew is an ancient language that comes back from the future… Its letters

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6. Everything I Always Wanted to Know About Biblical Sex* (*But Was Afraid to Ask).

This is amazing to me: WHY would I forgo being in my pleasure, and invite discontent? I am the one who forbids certain desires, thereby granting them more appeal! And now, if I want to have my desire, I must go unconscious, be led into temptation, and end up feeling bad about the whole thing.

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