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15. 4 + 4 = EGG – the Egg of Life’s Geometry

Number 4 evokes the apparent solidity of matter. We speak of four seasons, four directions, etc. While Nature seems to respond to the order of 4, so does consciousness. The Buddha’s Four Noble Truths encapsulate the entire Buddhist path. And it makes me wonder… Would the Buddha speak the Four Noble Truths differently if he […]

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12. emPowering Mañana!

Unbeknownst to many (even to most Jews), the Divine Covenant invites four circumcisions (the phallus’ foreskin, the ears, the lips and the heart). This process therefore does not concern the body, but the mind! When in my split mind, I believe that I don’t have what it takes. Judged unworthy of the Sacred Fire, I

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