13. The Alphabet of Health

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The older the body becomes, the more I seem to pray for health. Experiments in quantum physics have shown what consciousness does, and changed the way we think about our body and our mind, and thus about what health is. To have a sane mind in a sane body, I must start by letting go of my toxic / talk-sick thoughts. Doing so leads me to Health with a big “H;” Health in the way I treat my body, Health in the way I do relationships, money, life…

Consider: when I seek to detoxify the body, I target the poisons that affect and limit cellular functions. The Buddha identified the mental poisons of ignorance, greed, and aversion as the source of all dis-eases. The Book of Genesis concurs, as its core articulations speak of the gradual poisoning of mind, while giving an antidote for each poison. Mirroring the way the Bible alphabetizes the stories of suffering, the Alphabet of Health makes it EZ for me to begin to see a global path (East to West) to the END of dissatisfaction, when I know that I am enough and that there is more…

Map to Infinity…
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