5. WHY For The LOVE of Cain?

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BECAUSE this bundle (the LOVE Code + So… I CAIN’T and you’re ABEL?) provokes so much awe that it leads me in spite of myself to the END of time, END of mind – when I forgive and give it all, and come to hit such purity that the hunger for LOVE subsides in the knowing that I am enough.

  • So… I CAIN’T, and you’re ABEL: WHY do I hate you so much that I could kill you at times, when, in Truth, I just want to LOVE you?
    5—“PAIRfect” answers by asking me: what is the price you pay for being afraid to feel your rage?
  • The LOVE Code: WHY is it so hard for me to speak an honest “yes” or an honest “no?”
    5—PAIRfect answers by asking me: would you let your illusions be shattered, just for the sake of LOVE?

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