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Oh Yes! The root of the world’s dividedness is found in the current misinterpretation of the religious texts. It is utterly poignant that institutions would at the same time preach the joys of the Kingdom within and encourage the viewpoint of an out there, ruled by a Santa Klaus God, who keeps a running count of our good and bad deeds to determine whether we’re going to heaven or hell! The indoctrination is as immense as it is clever, bypassing our ability to think by making the Mystery of SEX taboo! Truth is truth: to have an orgasm, I must transcend the mind! For now, I can’t hear what the text says if my life depended on it: ‘And mind created God in its own image, in the image of my mind I created “him,” ignoring that the mind is created male and female. Yep, I also have a right brain that is not necessarily wrong!

I’m so confused that it doesn’t register that Copernicus revealed that the Earth was not the center of the universe, or that Darwin’s theory of evolution showed me that humans are just another species amongst millions of other species. I single-handedly emasculated the mandate of Science (to open the gate of the true) and the mandate of religion (to open the gate of the good) by acting as if “God” put me in charge as the center of the universe “He” created. Passing over the dilemma that opposes and entertains creationists and evolutionists, a few prophets have ended the dream of an “out there” and its ensuing communication of separation. They made sense of the “God” label, lived it, and got to the “Kingdom within” – when there is no ego left to keep me from fully identifying with the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine.

Consider: isn’t it paradoxical that Religion is yet to transmit its Wisdom teaching, when it is THE institution mandated to speak to adults about the development of the human being throughout the lifespan? And on top of it, when it is meant to do so from generation to generation, in a way that could be reproduced…

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