When I realize that everything in the Universe is geometric, be it people, animals, planets, solar systems, stars, etc., I am motivated to measure my belief systems on a geometric scale… S/Hebrew letters being also numbers, they give me the ideal tools to practice the art of making the numerals speak. In becoming a geo-meter (from Greek ge “Earth” + metria “measurer”), the measure I choose to feel cellularly is the sense of enough.

Ah… the beauty I would create on Earth when I transition from GReed into GRace – the Giving and Receiving of my two hands being simply PAIRfect… There’d be no illusion of separation, as I would feel the UnderStanding that there is only One of US! To this end, Golden XPR spells QKabbalah for “receiving” with a QK, to include the noble truths of my inner Queen & King. This is S/Hebrew, speaking unity into being! This transition would also mean to shift from Karma to Dharma – from doing harm to serving the Good of ALL.

How fortunate to have S/Hebrew – a sacred alphabet that passed the test of time – to help me in being 100% accountable for my experience?

There’s a movie on that subject I may enjoy watching | here.

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