BECAUSE it is one of the Four Noble Truths of the Buddha: 1) life is Dukkha, Sanskrit for “dissatisfaction.” 2) the cause of dissatisfaction is craving. 3) there is an end to the dissatisfaction. 4) there is a path to the end of dissatisfaction.

The Buddha would be the first to consider these truths as universally true, and thus welcome that the sense that the S/Hebrew scriptures – once felt – could lead to revealing the Soul of the Torah as a path to THE END, and a happy ending, at that!

To come to the end of my being dissatisfied with me, you, the world, I must drop my story, which is to say, I must die to who I think I am. This task is not necessarily for the faint of heart… And then again, what else is there to do that would be more thrilling?

There’s a movie on that subject I may enjoy watching | here.

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