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BECAUSE I am yet to feel and understand WHY I invented lying…

‘“WHY are you angry, Cain? WHY depressed?” Gen. 4:6 (the name Cain means “possessed by jealousy”).

Truth is I need no explanation or justification. I do what I do because that’s what I do. Such impeccability requires for me to be honest with myself and others (same). I give “you” my Power and start lying, when I fear that I may not get what I want or that I may lose what I have. Up to this moment, I wasn’t hiding behind a bunch of excuses. I was real and lived in the wholeness of Peace. But when I go into a protective mode, I seek to be right, with a vengeance. I am now moved by Cain’s anger: I judge, I accuse, I reproach and finally I kill with my projections “this (finger pointing out), this is EVIL!” Most often, it is the victim  in me who asks WHY is there evil? The question itself is deceptive, as I am not really interested in a Truth that would set me free, but more in blaming the “you-niverse!” My WHY is a defense rather than an inquiry, and an attack rather than an admission… If I am being dishonest, it’s because I believe that I am not enough to deal with what is real. So I bury myself in ignorance… I forget, I avoid, I repress and deny. I play stupid asking WHY simply because I don’t want to change.

Disclaimer: every WHY of Golden XPR is asked by a mind so virginal it only seeks to be immaculate in its conception.

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