WHY isn’t emPowering NOW LLC a Charity?

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BECAUSE our mission is of a different nature. It is to heal our ideas about giving/receiving – especially money – by ushering a way to disengage from our materialistic perception of the world…  

emPowering NOW LLC went to the future to find a technology that would break the seals placed on ancient Wisdom. There was a golden age when money was a welcomed tool of exchange, and not the mark of how much Power and even potency we had. This was a time when offering a product and/or a service was equitable because it was held as equally valuable by the buyer and the seller. Our understanding of the One of us was such that any level of dishonesty was unthinkable.

Coins and bills, which were a good idea for the whole, were soon turned around by a few… We are now in the 3rd millennium… The economic strategy of promoting unlimited growth and increasing consumption is leading us to the brink of disaster. Hearing “less is more” is now so important that the meme morphed itself into “less is mores.” Feeling this connection is how the emPowering NOW team made the Sense of Enough the guiding principle of our life, the deliverable of our curriculum and the currency of our business.

More than a company, we are a movement that presents, implements and experiments with a bold, outrageous and provocative proposition: symbols are non-human sentient animals. They can help us mean what we say and say what we feel. In other words, their sentience can return us to our nature – honesty.  Honesty is how to transition, individually and collectively, from communicating a GReed that splits Giving and Receiving to communicating a GRace that unites Giving and Receiving.

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