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BECAUSE it may just be the Wisdom teaching that helps me to feel in my blood the soul of perennial truths, since it is the mystical approach, which, thus far, has remained concealed.

QKabbalah has for meaning “receiving,” and for sense “emptying,” so as to make room for the new. It is said that the body of the Torah is revealed as the laws, and the soul of the Torah, concealed as the QKabbalah. However, to keep my soul split from my body is how I do harm. I may know, for example, that exercise is a good habit to cultivate – a “law” to respect. No hidden knowledge there! But if I don’t have my Soul into it, it won’t do much good to my Body. The same with perennials truths: I may know that letting go is what I “should” do – my legal recipe for happiness, but if I don’t want to do it, I won’t succeed.

I must now reveal to myself the unknown reason – the WHY that has me split and disempowered. “Know thyself:” that is the essence of the QKabbalah, which implies carving the marble of borrowed knowledge, as I die to who I think I am.

I get an instant reward when I’m so absorbed in the action, Body and Soul, that I am free of the action. This quality of presence is the paradise lost by Adam and Eve. It is the gift of sentience: the innate ability to turn matter into energy…

The “QK” love spell weaving two efforts: the Rabbinical Kabbalists (Prophets, Healers, Legalists, Priests, Rabbis…) and Hermetic Qabalists (Greek philosophers, Pagans, Christian Gnostics, Freemasons, Alchemists…). Both share the same passion for the Hebrew scriptures, even more so when the QK fusion frees me from classifying them into two “QKinds” of people. Moreover, if QKabbalah is the “receiving” the soul of the Teaching, it is entering the QKingdom as Queen & King, returned me to being a child at “heART.”

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