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The FOUR Motions challenge the bad wrap of ambition, since Self-knowledge, a.k.a. as the “Kingdom of God,” may just be the most ambitious destination:

The Motion of FULL Response-ability – when I don’t have what I say I want, there is a voice in me I don’t hear. Wisdom is received as I give a full listening to both the voice of separatedness and the voice of connectedness. Hearing and understanding the conflict gives me my results.

The Motion of Compassionate Partnering – the more I am responsible for what I communicate, the more I welcome misuses of Power as genuine opportunities to let go of my attachment to the story. When such a lapse occurs, I recognize it and keep on inviting it until it lets go of me.

The Motion of Oneness – believing that we are One is a start. Sustaining THE UnderStanding that there is only one of US is life’s ultimate goal. The more I progress, the more I do good and do no harm. I begin to tell the truth and stop calculating for my own perceived advantage.

The Motion of Force and Power – all complaints stem from uninvestigated beliefs: body follows mind, as long there’s a mind to follow! When I awaken from the dream of “an out there,” I turn within to hear what LOVE wills, align to the Force and surprisingly find the Power to transform.

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