Why are agreements necessary?

BECAUSE they keep me safe, while I dive into abysmal darkness for the pearl of consciousness…

Shadow work is not for the faint of heart as it is the dicey invitation to empty my cup (and even to break it) in order to QKabbalah “receive” Wisdom. The more I see in the darkness of my own deception, the more I come into the Power to choose Peace.

  1. Snake Beliefs: losing patience or Peace are signs that there’s a reptile or two hiding in my space. My resistance to exposing them will melt when my desire to know the Truth overcomes my fear to die to who I think I am.
  2. Assumptions: when I imagine that there may something off between us, I Clear Space with me by asking me what I wouldn’t want you to know.
  3. Shame Closet: when I request Confidentiality, I can trust that my request is heard, and that making it takes me one step closer to transparency.
  4. A-Void-Dance: when I try to numb out what I feel, I invite Presence by asking myself what it is that I don’t want to hear and/or SEE.
  5. Power Misuse: when I resorted to violence, I recognize that it was a Necessity. I also ask myself: WHY did I need to bully you or be bullied by you?
  6. U-Projections: when blinded by pain and unconsciously spewing “you” statements, I allow me to be as a child and to blame “you” until I can own my eXPeRience.

Note: the work is done when I can say a clear YES to “do I want to know the Truth?” The rest is commentary.

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