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Surrender is the goal. When I can’t fully accept me/you/we/it in the now, I use the understandings below to strengthen the foundation of my integrity:

  1. Honesty is the cornerstone of communication: I can simply look at the results of my words to see if there is an alignment between what I say I want and what I actually have. When there is an alignment, I am telling the Truth.
  2. The Order of creation helps me track my motion in/out of truth: body follows mind. This is to say that, until there is no more mind to follow, I will often create “my” reality via limiting beliefs. These beliefs will then likely be felt – or rather resisted – as negative emotions. Resisting these emotions will in turn compel me to divided actions.
  3. Inquiry is the courage to reveal the agendas hiding the Truth or the understandings I seek to “receive.” When I do, I naturally realign to my intuition. Yet agendas are like the silk scarves that a clown pulls out of his pocket: there never seems to be an end! Where will I find a form of inquiry radical enough for me to trust that there is an end to the BS?

Fulfilling my potential is “measuring the Earth,” the meaning of the word Geometry. Its Sacredness is what transmits the teachings of the PaRaDiSe Mystery School, and this book’s structure. Agreements are to keep me safe.

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