Ask and ye shall "QKabballah"

Is there a part of The LOVE that has No Opposite, Golden XPR or the Bible that puzzles you, which you would like to see decoded?

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Ask and ye shall "QKabbalah!"

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LNO Q&A / Event Schedule

We are pleased to invite you to our public event, titled Ask and ye shall “QKabbalah!” This invitation (button below), which is now free of charge, is conducted as a monthly zoom call where to ask your questions about The Code of Opposites, Golden XPR and to meet us, M&M, Maha and Michael. In addition, the questions which are submitted by readers are included below as blog articles.

The PaRaDiSe Mystery School - Additional Tools

Tools for getting started:
  • The Tool that SYNCS I can: this first tool helps me understand WHY I am doubting myself. From thereon, I stand a better chance to clarify what I want, and ask for it so clearly that I call it into being.
    Prerequisite: the Genesis Pattern Book 1. Cost: $1.
  • A Tarot to eXPiRe: this tool invites me on a journey through the felt sense of 22 tarots / Torah signs, for the me who wonders what my purpose and/or superpower is. It helps me with the BIG questions: what is real? Where am I going? What should I do?
    No prerequisite. Cost: $9.99
  • The WHYS Game: this tool, which is used in our group presentations and/or for an initial one-on-one session, can also function as a guide for the student who favors working solo. This is where to ask real questions, and get real answers. It also will increase the quota of honesty in the world.  
    No prerequisite. Cost: 22.
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