The Small Print of the Law of Attraction
(TSP for short)

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The Symbols on the Cover

“What is unusual about Earth is that language, literally, has become alive. It has infested matter. It is replicating and defining and building itself. And it is in us.”

From the spark stricken by the contact of the divine hand and the humane hand comes a dove imparting the grace of good will on Earth and in Heaven. These hands were first painted by Michelangelo in The Creation of Adam. However, did the artist speak of God’s creation of Adam or of Adam’s creation of God? The same question, of who is creating what, also sustains The Small Print of the Law of Attraction (TSP, for short).

As for the ominous words of Terence McKenna… Superimposed on the art is the molecule of dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a psychedelic drug prepared by various cultures to allow one to go beyond the veil and experience unity with the divine. Also, when the pineal gland is activated, it naturally produces DMT. The image to the right shows that the Hebrew signs that evolved into Roman script DMT are also the letters that invite the transcending of resistance and thus, of clinging. The numerology of 444 is also the value of the Hebrew word for “sanctuary.” For me to be successful in my creation, I must embrace the victim, the archetype that forgets rest and resists, thereby ignoring what the energy of safety feels like.

TSP - 444 dmt

The Big WHY of TSP

  1.  To make it crystal clear that the Law of Attraction is ALWAYS in operation. In other words, I ALWAYS get what I want, which may not be the same as what I think I want.

  2. To inquire on WHY I would unconsciously argue for my limitations.

  3. To reenergize THE decision to fully surrender, since surrendering is the prerequisite to resonating with coherence.

The law of attraction (LOA) is the principle that positive thoughts, emotions and actions lead to positive outcomes, while negative thoughts, emotions and actions lead to negative outcomes. In that sense, the LOA mirrors the belief in karma. Both are based on the law that energy follows thought, and that what we focus on is what we attract.

Through this course, a greater understanding of the Self and of the world is revealed. To this end, this interactive group course offers reliable and no-nonsense codes for illuminating even the darkest, and most persistent and persnickety ego patterns. This results in more peace and more emPowerment. 

TSP - Learning Objectives

  1. Understanding the nature of desire and orienting myself towards the end of desire. 
  2. Discerning and being able to distinguish between ego desires and core desires. 
  3. Loosening the grip that persistent patterns of suffering have on me by compassionately partnering with them until I experience a sense of relief. 
  4. Making THE decision to inquire on my shadow until I abide in the light of full surrender. 
  5. Integrating a unifying equation in view to reprogram the pain body by progressively destroying the false and being ready for how truth is going to change my life. 
  6. Deepening my studies of the unconscious via Golden XPR’s tools and resources.
TSP - tsp_bee

TSP - Expected Results

  1. More Consciousness from having an increased understanding of my slave narrative. 
  2. More Courage from deepening my consciousness by diving more readily for the pearls. 
  3. More Wisdom from destroying the false and integrating truth. 
  4. More Gratitude from consistently deciding to recommit to full surrender.
  5. More Worthiness from loosening and liberating the parts of me that are trapped in “Scare City.”
  6. More Honesty by being truer to my word and discerning how to fulfill my own law.

For starters, are you willing to recognize that you ALWAYS get what you want?

Small print – the part of a ruling that contains important details and that is often written in such small letters that it is difficult to read.

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Meetings on Sundays afternoon, 2P-3:30P CT.
Starting date: July 21, 2024  – Projected ending date: November 24, 2024 
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Note: the gatherings of PaRaDiSe Circle will resume on 12/2/2024

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