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Thank you for your interest in the What is EAT? eBook. You are about to receive some beautiful art along with thought-provoking writing on the topic of empowerment: is there a way to interpret the story of Adam, the Woman and the Snake that could allow your male side and your female side to hear each other?


  • We made our diets into a religion whose rigidity points to a hunger that is ravenous, as it is fueled by a greed for Power begging to be felt and  understood.
  • If eating is an act of Power, might there be an interpretation of Genesis that would allow me to adopt the least violent diet possible for me, and to offer to food and to all the respect that, alone, can nourish me and replenish the Earth? 

  • Communication is not what is said and done. It is the RESULT of what is said and done. 

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