The PaRaDiSe Circle - Online & In-Person

WHY the PaRaDiSe Circle?

  • BECAUSE the circle, as a geometry, asks me a very real question: am I in or out?
  • BECAUSE of the PaRaDoX: am I secure enough to allow myself to be distressed when comfortable and comforted when distressed?
  • BECAUSE, to live in the PaRaDiSe “orchard” where finding my voice is a pleasure, I must knock on the door of the “PaRDeS” - a S/Hebrew word that transmits a FOUR-step process that synergizes the FOUR functions of sensing, feeling, thinking and intuiting…
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Just how much do you want for your voice to be heard?

WHY Honesty in PaRaDiSe?

We are ordinary people, gathering to practice deep introspection as a way to come to know ourselves, and solve everyday problems. We believe that it is our judgments that keep us disconnected from the sounds of silence, taking away the possibility to feel and sense ourselves. Eventually we can no longer say what we mean, or mean what we say. Moreover, since communication is not what is said and done, but the result of what is said and done, we can’t get no satisfaction.

To answer what seems like a hopeless quest, Golden XPR offers a radical inquiry. It is our hypothesis that Sacred Geometry infuses life into the Word, allowing an alignment between what we say, and what others actually understand. Each time we engage in this form of unlearning, we feel the UnderStanding that there is only One of US. The cosmos rejoices as we “eXPeRience” an increase in authenticity, and discover that honesty is the secret to sustaining the “Sense of Enough…”

PaRaDiSe Circle Logistics

Each Circle is 90-minutes long.

Current Options:

  • Online: the 3 first Mondays of each month at 7P Central Time.
  • InPerson – Unity Church of the Hills (map): the 3 first Tuesdays of each month at 6P Central Time.

Prerequisite: watch the WHY the XPR Agreements? movie | here.  These are the agreements that support our inquiry.

Membership to the PaRaDiSe Circle allows you to participate in any circles – as many as you like.
This is a beginning. Other time options will be forthcoming.

Golden XPR - To Infinity...

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