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The LOVE that has No Opposite - paperback
(Includes access to online LNO game)

The LOVE that has No Opposite (LNO for short) aims at resolving communication issues. While a part of us knows exactly what to do, there is another part that just doesn’t want to do it. This ambivalence reveals that we don’t really know what we want, a confusion which prevents us from coming to a clear and clean decision.

Thus the big WHY of LNO: to inspire such finality of decisiveness that we become willing to do what it takes to move out of “Scare City,” and free our mind from its bondage to fear and lack.

Its big HOW is to reveal a metalanguage (a language beyond languages) that vibrates at the frequency of “enough,” a sacred tongue whose resonance lights a path to restore health in all levels of communication.

Since this metalanguage was hidden in Hebrew, LNO’s subject matter is both controversial and sensitive. But what if the idea of “chosen people” could be reoriented as “chosen language?” Truly, how deep down the “habit” hole are we willing to go?

Tradition holds that the soul of the Torah (its energy) is concealed as the QKabbalah. QKabbalah means “receiving,” a receptivity that is enabled by emptying out any trace of victimhood. When living without a why, there is no lack; just an exponential gratitude that is the seat of the QKabbalah, as it is the sense that our prayer is already “received.” However, nullifying the victim is no easy matter as it can only be done by entering the void. This requires full surrender, which is the ultimate decision.

Consider: Having a language transcendental enough to communicate a subjective experience such as surrender makes surrendering an objective reality!

Understand. Choose Peace. emPower the NOW.

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