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 This free sample of the LOVE that has No Opposite (LNO, for short) has two distinct parts: 1) a foundation for the preface and 2) the preface itself.

1) A foundation: LNO begins by inviting you to be directly involved in its process by speaking as an “I.” It continues with its big WHY (to inspire such finality of decisiveness that you become willing to do what it takes to move out of “Scare City” and free your mind from its bondage to fear and lack). It ends with its big HOW (to reveal a metalanguage that vibrates at the frequency of “enough” so as to restore health in ALL levels of communication).

Since this metalanguage was hidden in Hebrew, LNO’s subject matter is controversial and sensitive. But what if the idea of “chosen people” could be reoriented as “chosen language?” Truly, how deep down the “habit” hole are you willing to go? If LNO is too much too soon, one option for reading it is to go from bee to bee – each “bee wisdom” distilling the essence of the previous page.

2) The preface that is fittingly “in the beginning:” unbeknownst to many, “in the beginning” is just one translation of the first word of the Hebrew Torah (the Five Books of Moses). The second translation holds a unifying equation by which to free the mind. This equation also structures the geometry known as the tree of life – a sacred bridge between physiology and consciousness. However, for us to be able to open the single eye of its higher centers and be free, we must first “eat” from the tree of the knowledge of opposites. Surely, this is how to die to who we think we are, and change. This transformation is eased by the information conveyed by sentient letters that walk in pairs for us to transcend duality, and by two trees that are entangled “in the midst of the garden” for us to enter the non-local field where all possibilities exist.

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