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Sample eXPiRe Tarot: the Jester Hat

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EXPiRe Hat Name


EXPiRe Inquiry

FALL: how much failure do I still need to hear the wisdom of my heart?
RISE: Is there another way of looking at IT?

EXPiRe Hat Says

I Am Aleph, and I Am A laugh! WHY? BECAUSE I’m free, free fallin‘… I’m not afraid to fall, I’m free to fly, free to love, free to fall in love, free to fool in love… I am the “eyeNOsense” of innocence, seeing only the good… Whether I fall or fail, EYE doesn’t see it as serious business, and I don’t get hurt!

I am all “FAITH value,” and value all faces: the smiley ONEs r and the sad ones j… The more I interfaith, the more I can be leaf with my beliefs, and the more EYE sees faith enter. The more I see beauty, the more I say A YES to LOVE, and see “A YES” reordering to make life EASY!

You may betray me a thousand times, and I will still trust you! WHY? Because it is by betraying me a thousand times that I came to see that I am indeed a Fool! It is also how I came to the time after the thousand and one times; the famous fork in the road where I stopped trying and started trusting… Imagine just how good eternal trust feels… to choose the now over the need to know… to leave the past behind with every step… I don’t know what’s for my highest good; I just thought I did! I’d rather embrace the mystery whole-heARTedly, and to feel blessed and gifted, each day a little more.

My gift is to be a child at “heART,” who flows with, follows and “fool-Oz” my heart!

Roman / Hebrew LetterNumeric ValueOrdinal ValueMeaning of Letter
A / Aleph11Ox (xoxo)
Ordinal Value of Tarot_Name
00_The Fool
Rider-Waite-Tarot - 0_The-Fool.png

The card shows the image of a young man dressed in a gorgeous vestment, walking to the edge of a cliff, looking upward in an attitude of total acceptance, seemingly unaware of the peril, as if angels were assigned to uphold him if need be. He is surrounded by the blessings of a golden sun. Earth has little power to restrain him, as he steps lightly toward the brink of a precipice, unconcerned by the abyss. His boots (below) are the same gold as the sky (above), signifying a mind so pure it unites matter and spirit, and merges the visible and the invisible.

In India, the supreme Ideal is Brahm, manifested in Brama, Vishnu and Shiva. In Egypt, the upper world of Nut was echoed by the lower world of Seb, and mediated by Shu or Ma. For Muslimim, the first thing created by God was a pen: the Fool transmits the divine essence of letter Aleph/Allah: both he and his dog are movement and non movement at once. His countenance is full of intelligence, trust, and expectancy. He holds the white rose of purity in his left hand, and balances a wand from his right hand to his right shoulder, from which hangs a light sack curiously embroidered. Incomparable, courageous and vital, the Fool dares to carve new pathways: he lives in a world of his own, unbound by indoctrination. Whether globally or individually, there comes a time when old belief systems are no longer useful.

A window of opportunity presents itself, to become mad from the heART. In such obsolete realm, there are no rules and no points of reference as all that is past has crumbled. The only possibility is to boldly leap into the abyss, knowing there are no promises. In old Tarot decks the Fool has been called il Matto or Le Fou (“the madman”), as the Carnival King that appears to take an intentional step into the irrational. Yet where is the craziness: is it in my living so cautiously or in the Fool’s who takes a leap of faith? If so, who is calling him a Fool? Where greater and wiser men have tried and failed, the Fool has the pure heART of gold, destined to find the Grail. It is the teetering at the edge of the abyss and the crossing of the fateful threshold into dreaded knowledge (the Truth of what is) that pulls him out of the infernal cave of failure. That is how most ancient decks have it always unnumbered, as in unidentified. To be AND not to be: “if you would swim on the bosom of the ocean of Truth, you must reduce yourself to a zero” (Gandhi)> The Fool is 0/1, swimming in the dark waters of the unknown and excused of binary outcomes. Being all and none, male and female, the Fool is the divine child: all it sees is beauty and goodness. Having no fear, no contraction, no separation, no judgment, the Fool allows itself to be totally naked. His Power is its vulnerability.

There are legends to say that a snake will not bite a naked person, the one who is “naked truth” and candid innocence, the idiot, the newborn. The Fool’s number expresses best that state: zero has no assigned value, and yet can radically alter any other number with which it is combined. Zero, the Fool Aleph, is no-thing and all things. It is eternity and a blip in eternity.


“if you build it, they will come” has nothing on this…

Michael Wolf

CEO emPowering NOW

The wisdom and depth of knowledge that Maha and Michael bring to this creation is beyond incredible. Be prepared to see life in a new and better way.

Camille Gaines

Austin, TX

I am so very honored to be a part of the growth of a Divine Idea into expression.

Sandra Solomon

Austin, TX

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