The Tool That SYNCS "I Can"

WHY the Tool that SYNCS "I Can"?

Cost – $1

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Would you like to know what you want, and ask for it so clearly that you’d call it into being?

The Tool That SYNCS "I Can"

The transmission of “you create your reality” calls me to inquire on how I think of “God” and “His” creative process. Do I see “God” as a “He,” a “She,” an “IT?” Do I look to the sky when speaking to “spirit?” Do I view creation as having a Big Bang Beginning and an end? S/Hebrew has a simple answer: two Adams, two styles to create (now or later). The Genesis Pattern showed me that “in the beginning was the Word.” I can now feel how two Adams (me & me) create two worlds in SIX days: in one world, I think I can. In the other, my mind is filled with doubts.

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